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let's check in with wyatt. >> that the worry that we will get to much into short a time and that can cause flooding in low lying areas, typical spots and along the chesapeake. tides could run two to three feet above average. let's look at the radar. tracking heavy to moderate rain in the southern portion of the state. more heavy rain starting to move in but most down at the south eastern tip of the state. let's show you the current flood watch and advisory. these are in effect to start at midnight and lasting through thursday evening. you see most of the state will be in a flood watch situation. you can see why, lot of rain brewing down there in virginia and north carolina. this storm really getting its act together and on its way in here tomorrow. clear in the city now but that heavy rain set to start falling
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in the next couple hours. more on this and a detailed look on when the rain gets out of here. >> thank you. bge expects power outages from the storm to number though the thousands. preparations are being made. we are live with that part of the story. >> reporter: the state taking seriously. the state emergency operations center will be activated tomorrow morning. we did see some rain but nothing like what we are expecting tomorrow. bge is calling this a system wide event which means they are expecting power outages over a widespread area. it's fall, but most of the leaves haven't gotten the message yet. >> problem for us is the combination of the high winds, soaked ground. >> reporter: the canopy will act like a sail on a sailboat and with gusts expected to approach 50 miles an hour trees will come down, some bringing power lines. >> we are certain we will have
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thousands of outages. . >> reporter: a storm like this brings more problems in the city. it's placed sandbags downtown in the dock area giving businesses the chance to protect themselves if the water comes up. it's happened several times over the years at a bar and grill. they will put out some of the sandbags before the storm hits. >> may be a pain in the but but if it saves the stone or whatever you have its work it. >> reporter: the rain won't help but in annapolis they say the worry is at high tide especially if the storm blows in the east pushing water into the city. >> we will have to wait and see which way the wind blouse. >> reporter: the utility is putting its people and equip american in place to respond quickly once the storm blows out of the area. >> we have line of sight on out of state crews, should we need to pull them in. we are doing all we can to prepare. >> reporter: and the bge spokesperson said they won't be able to start fixing downed
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trees and power lines until the storm blows out of the area. so they are asking people to be patient but do call them if you loose power or they won't have any way of knowing about it. we are live in baltimore county. >> thank you. of course we will be tracking the rain and wind throughout the next 24 hours. you can always get the latest information on the website, abc we will have updated rainfall totals and live radar and of course we will have complete coverage tomorrow on abc 2news beginning good morning maryland bright and early tomorrow morning. >> and now to the latest on that bus crash that brought rush hour traffic to a halt in montgomery. one was killed and a dozen hurt when the bus plunged onto enter
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270. >> reporter: a charter bus carrying a group of parents and children plunged off a highway in maryland near washington dc killing at least one person and injuring at least a dozen others. witnesses say the driver appeared to have a medical emergency and slumped over in his heat leaving the bus to swerve offer the railing. it fell more than 40 feet from the ramp of the beltway and land away from traffic along interstate 270. fire and rescue people worked to free those trapped in the wreck and many of the passengers were taken to the hospital, some with life threatening injuries, others were less hurt. the ntsw has launched a team to go investigate the accident just miles the agency's headquarters. abc news washington. >> and the driver has been identitied as 66-year-old
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joseph claybar junior. initial reports said the bus had been on a school trip carrying students from pennsylvania. the superintendent of that school district said he was told this trip was a private trip that may have been chartered by parents. new at 11 baltimore city and it's teachers celebrating a new contract that includes merit based pay. the public school ceo, teacher's union president and mayor announce the deal earlier today. they say the contract is ground breaking is a critical next step inen soaring great teaching and learning in every classroom throughout city schools. >> it's a national moment for baltimore city. we are really seeing great things to end up. this is a moment in time to say baltimore schools on a great path and will have a great future if we keep pushing reform. >> officials call the
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initiative a win for teachers, parents and the city. a dam determined unsafe and now many hope it can handle the rain we are expecting. state inspect others sent the city a let irsaying failure of the dam could result in massive flooding. >> there is erosion, between the earth right next to where the dam is, and they are just worried about long term and break down. to be year there is no immediate threat of a major break down right now. >> reporter: a number of repairs planned for later this year. police in baltimore county have charged two with the murder of a man. police say the two lived with the victim,. police were called to stone
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gate court monday night and found ramirez dead alongside the road. an autopsy revealed he died of blunt force trauma. both suspects are charged with first degree murder and are being held at the detention center without bail. a man convicted in a drunk driving death is serving time in jail and at the victim's church as well. the 26-year-old was ending a night of drinking when he ended the life of a man. he was on his way to pick up a friend to take him to work as he had every morning for 22 years. when it came time for his sentencing on manslaughter a judge didn't stop with the maximum ten year sentence. he must preform 74 hours of community service, one year for each year of the victim's life, at the victim's church. >> we are praying that it would be more for helping hands and maybe changing a young man's life.
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that's the main thing. changing the young man's life. helping turn him around. also help healing us. >> he is sentenced also to a five-year probation. his blood alcohol level was double the legal limit. carol county police working to track down a woman she believe was using fake cash. authorities say the fake bill was created by white washing a five dollar bill. a traditional counterfeit pen wouldn't pick up the fakes. police are looking for the woman. they are also calling her a person of interest. ready, set, shop. folks didn't waste any time today taking advantage of kohl's newest location. the store opened its doors today and by 8:00 its parking lot was already full. >> i think everybody up here in forest hill is happy to have a store up here that we don't
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have to travel down into town and fight the parking and fight the traffic. >> with that convenience comes change. a big parking lot and new traffic patterns are now in place just outside of the community and forest lake elementary school. downtown mount eerie rising from a fire that destroyed much of the historic district three years ago. the town's business owners decided they weren't leaving and started to rebuild keeping true to the town's original look. >> didn't think about what are we going to leave the town, what do we do next? we are going to rebuild in the area and that is was the most support ping. >> many of the buildings are designed to look like the structures lost in the fire. she helped build a professional wrestling empire and snow watching washington. she may be best known as the wife of vince mcman ask a
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wrestling character but her up start campaign for the senate is picking up steam. she could be the one delivering a stunner in november. plus, could a sex tape from a hidden web camera have led a college freshman to take his own life? >> 68 at the airport. not much rain so far but this storm really starting to get its act together. what it means for your thursday coming up. [ amy ] as a dietitian, all of my patients are my top priority.
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. it's a hot topic and got had ther. the woman who said she was hit with acid by a stranger was in court today. she was charged with theft after she spent money given to her as donations for medical care and things like train tickets and a computer. she admitted to rubbing drain cleaner on her face to try to kill herself. she pled not guilty. while the united states and several countries on alert of learning of plans for a series of terrorist attacks. officials say they learned of them from a germ an radical captured over the summer that called for attacks in france,
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germany, britain and possibly the united states. similar to what happened in india two years ago. officials say they captured terrorists told them the plan was approved by osama bin laden. could a web camera have led to the suicide of a college freshman? the 18-year-old posted on his facebook last week that he was about to jump off the george washington bridge. his body has president been found but police found his car and possessions nearby. just days before the suicide his roommate, an 18-year-old set up a web camera in their room and recorded the teen with another friend in another room. he then recorded roommate asked for room until midnight. i went into molly's room and turned on my camera. i saw him making out with a dude, yay. they are charged with invasion of privacy.
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it's unclear if the video was put on the internet. if it was the charge is much more serious. is there a surprise smack down brewing in one of the country's hottest senate races? the contest in connecticut is one of the most watched races heading in to the midterm elections. linda mcman former ceo of wwe is facing off against the former da. it once seemed like he would sail to capitol hill but the latest shows mcman pulling to a tie. democrats have hosted on her background, especially the health problems and steriod use. >> we will be talking about her business, the way she has run it and how she has treated people who have worked for her. >> those polling numbers suggest a significant amount of connecticut voters could still
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change their minds. mcnam said she may spend $50 million on the campaign. what was once nicole is to blame for messy weather along the east coast. take a look at what could be heading our way. the weather system dumped heavy rain in parts of south carolina today. flooding roadways and creating major headaches for drivers. >> now, the forecast certified must accurate by weather rate. >> all right. get those umbrellas ready. >> we see those often in the fall and in the spring as well. these coastal storm that come up, hug the coast. it's interesting. just one or two states over. sunny skies tomorrow. this thing is right off the maryland, north carolina, virginia coast and we are looking for heavy rain by two or so. that will really last until at least tomorrow afternoon, before it tapers off to showers.
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to much to fast. couple inches of rain in 12 hours. let's look at where we have the flood watch in advisories. the bottom line is just about the entire state has these. we are looking at a very, very possibly wet situation again through the day tomorrow. you can see it's about the entire state under this as well as other states. we can even get a little more specific with this as we zoom in for you here and take you down in to the coastal flood watch. that is just for the immediate chesapeake bay area. we expect tides to run two to three feet above average among the immediate areas especially along the western shore. hartford, down through annapolis and south of there down toward chesapeake and to the southern tip of the state looking for higher than normal tides. in to the day tomorrow. also high wind concerns along the waters. we could see winds gust to 40 or beyond. you add the rain in, not a good
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combination. the most powerful radar. very heavy rain moving in to the dc area and this is absolutely some heavy stuff here and this is working steadyly to the north. take you out to a wider scan here on the radar. more rain beginning to come out of the south. begins to douse places like virginia and down through the carolina's. bottom line more wet weather will be the pattern here and you can see the leading edge of the storm and there will be more and more of this training up the coast. let's show you downtown. rain hasn't come in quite yet. 67 degrees and humidity high at 81%. that could help fuel quite a bit of leafy wet weather. so far so good. just trace amounts today across the immediate baltimore area. a less than a 20th of inch of rain. winds not to gusty yet. those rainfall totals further
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south of us beginning to come up a little bit. we have a third of an inch in hunting town. these are the -- all right. let's show you the humidity. high, air nearly saturated. that is going to help fuel the rain as it comes in. very large area of heavy wet weather through norfolk. they are getting a lot of rainfall. the whole thing tracks further and further north. talled front along the coast. we are optimistic it'll begin to move out to seef. it stalls out we could see more rain. it's rain that won't be welcome. we have it 4:00 a.m. coming down pretty heavy. by nontomorrow still heavy rain. then we look for this to begin to push off shore as we go into tomorrow night. by then hopefully hit and miss shower was more of the rain out toward the beaches and just off shore. it's all courtesy of a huge
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flow of tropical moisture. flood watch up, rain getting heavier, tomorrow through the day. the heaviest of the rain, in to the early afternoon. 75 degrees or so, wet, and 60 tomorrow night as we optimisticly look for the rain to peel off into scattered showers. tapering off into dry weather friday. we think we are dry, sunny and much cooler in to the weekend. looks fall like and a chance to dry out toward sunday. >> thank you. >> firefighters go pink to raise awareness for beat cancer. howard county fire people trading their normal shirts for pink ones. the initiative called go pink and county officials hopes to promote and raise awareness for the month of october. one knows firsthand, his wife has breast cancer. >> my wife is really touched by the whole experience, the thought that we would do
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something like that. she was real pleased the effort the department made just when she was going through it. for them to see this happen just really touches her. >> fire station number nine will also wear pink. signs will have a bank glow to promote awareness. don't forget on sunday the race for the cure kicks off in hunt valley. we will be there. we will have live team coverage. it kicks off at 7:00 a.m. and goes until nine. you can still register for the big race. just head to the website. when you get there click on the lifestyle tab and click on think pink. a teen girl takes down a 450-pound bear. this isn't the only extraordinary feat for her. we have details. old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies.
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then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. . press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> the ravens waived price this morning and resigned hamlin len. price is a 14 year veteran who has 90 career sacks including 26 since coming in 2006 but he had one tackle in three fames this season. rice sat out but he didn't
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have a limp walking around and is expected to play sunday. gaither practiced for the first time since the beginning of august. great news for orioles fans with the announcement that cal ripkin june you're has launched a snack called ripkin power shred. more local sports all the time check out press box [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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. she is only 17 but don't let that fool you. the high school student took down a 450-pound bear with a bow. jessica was hunting her dad in canada when she saw the bear chasing a cub. >> it was a really aggressive
11:30 pm
bear. the cub went up the tree and was screaming and crying and it was just horrible. i got a little shaky once i pulled back. >> jessica is not only talent its bind the bow. she caught a 20-pound salmon in lake michigan. she is a good person to go huntingw. >> quite the outdoor girl. we will get a lieutenant of rain in here tonight and through the day tomorrow. flood watch is up for most of the state right now. take a look. this is -- most of the state. along the chesapeake the tides probably two to three feet in some spots above normal. coastal area as long the bay watch out for that. the radar right now heaviest rain well to the south. beginning to move into maryland. headed toward the baltimore area and through the day tomorrow, hour through hour the rain will be heavy. it'll start to taper off in the
11:31 pm
afternoon. >> hopefully out by the big race. >> yes. we will be dry by then. >> thank you for watching. don't forget about good morning maryland tomorrow.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich did not make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but martin o'malley,
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even in the toughest of times, has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. [ announcer ] complete opposites...] in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] we've very passionate about nutrition. the way we feed our family is whole milk, the whole grains, the fruits and vegetables. [ stephanie ] that nutrition passion i have carries into the animals and what we feed our cows.
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[ stephanie ] we're real firm believers that raising kids or cows you need strong nutrients. ♪ tonight on "nightline" -- the real modern fami

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